# Version 2.5


  • Changed to using the OFFICIAL discord RPC API

  • Massive Performance improvements:

    • Network packets are now less and sent less frequently (no longer being sent in Single Player on FORGE)
    • Launcher info is now cached and no longer fetched with each update, saving RAM and CPU usage
    • The config reloading system no longer uses constantly running threads, cutting RAM and CPU usage
    • Discord updates are now sent less frequently (Information still updates at the same speed)
    • This HOPEFULLY fixes the "phantom" ten in a million AMD lag/stuttering issues. IF YOU HAVE ISSUES, REPORT IT!
  • Removed Update checker, because I keep forgetting to update it, so it's useless

  • Added %launchername% and %server% variables

  • Added a new config to allow you to add custom server entries

Warning: The %serverip% variable will be removed soon! If you wish to display your server ip still, you need to add a custom server entry


Fabric Fixes:

  • Allowed 1.18 beta to work with all snapshots

Forge 1.17:

  • Now requires Forge 37.0.103 minimum (This is so that I can actually run it in the dev environment)