# Version 1.4

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed whitelist list command returning incorrect data
  • Fixed logger not logging errors and messages to logs
  • Fixed Incorrect default values for Message Destinations
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with Avatars disappearing with frequent messages. (Untested, don't have enough testers available)

New Features:

  • Added error logging for Missing Permissions or potential incorrect discord configurations
  • Added more options for Webhook and Embed player icons
  • Added option to customize the Prefix for Discord -> MC messages
  • You can now separately configure Logs and Chat to either use Embeds or Plain Messages
  • Configs now Hot Reload (YAY! No more restarting!). This excludes the Bot Token and Webhook Urls. These are only loaded on startup
  • Add config option to customize Chat and Achievement Messages
  • The bot now automatically generates and prints a BOT invite link to the console, so no need to generate it anymore


  • Channel Topics now update every 6 minutes, instead of every 11 minutes (Discord Ratelimits)