# Adding a colored Lights (Items)

RGBLib includes a JSON api that modpack makers/players can use to add their own colored lighting.

They are added using JSON files. You can add them as part of a resource pack, inside a mod, or using the dedicated folder. Once you launch the game for the first time, you will find a folder called coloredlights inside your game directory. Here you can place the needed JSON files.

If you are doing this inside a resource pack, your setup will look something like this:




You can then place your items.json file inside these folders.

For mod devs, you simply add the following folders:


You can then place your items.json file inside the folder.

For blocks, your file needs to be called items.json. Below is a sample JSON file with comments:

  "enabled": true, // Enables Item lighting
  "lights": [ // List of Items to light up with
      "name": "minecraft:torch", // The ingame name of the item. This will be modid:blockname
      "r": 255, // Red value of the light
      "g": 255, // Green value of the light
      "b": 255, // Blue value of the light
      "radius": 14 // The radius of the light
      "name": "minecraft:redstone_torch",
      "r": 144,
      "g": 0,
      "b": 0,
      "radius": 8