# Gradle Setup

This guide will allow you to set up the RGBLib API for usage inside your own mod.

# Forge Setup

The RGBLib api is available from my maven, so you can easily include it inside your project.

# Adding the Maven

In your build.gradle file, find the section called repositories (this should be located above dependencies) and add the following to it (if this section doesn't exit, add it in):

For Development builds: maven { url = "https://maven.firstdarkdev.xyz/snapshots" } For Released builds: maven { url = "https://maven.firstdarkdev.xyz/releases" }

Your setup would look something like this:

repositories {
    ...existing config here
    maven { url = "https://maven.firstdarkdev.xyz/releases" }

Inside dependencies, add the following two lines:

implementation 'net.hypherionmc:RGBLib-forge:MCVER-VERSION:api'
runtime 'net.hypherionmc:RGBLib-forge:MCVER-VERSION:api'


# Fabric Setup


When finished, save your build.gradle file and refresh your gradle. This will download and add the required files.

# Next Steps:

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Adding a Colored Light (TileEntity)