# Welcome to the Hypherion Docs

Here you can find the documentation for my various mods and projects. I will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible, but no promises can be made there


# Docs

Mod/Application Docs
Simple RPC (For 3.0+) Simple RPC Docs
Simple RPC Legacy Simple RPC Legacy Docs
Simple Splash Screen Simple Splash Screen Docs
Simple Discord Link Simple Discord Link Docs
MoreCreativeTabs MoreCreativeTabs Docs
CurseGradle CurseGradle Docs


# Contributing

To contribute to this documentation, follow the following steps

  • Make sure you have NPM/Node installed
  • Fork this repository
  • Clone this repo to your pc
  • Run the command npm install retypeapp --global
  • Run retype watch

The last two commands will install Retype and open the preview in your browser. Next, make your changes and double check that they look good and also check your spelling.

When you are happy with your changes, push the changes to your fork and open a Pull Request

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